Krypto koffee at Starbucks?


The Krypto crew would like to say a special thank you to the Starbucks- College Park, Maryland, located a stone’s throw from the University of Maryland at 7338 Baltimore Avenue. Richard was invited to display some canvases of his most recently designed Kryptoz and Krypto Keys, in the store he calls, “his second office.”  Richard is a fixture here and can often be found locked in an altered state, creating the latest Krypto Keys.  Every great idea takes shape somewhere, and this Starbucks has been ground zero for the evolution of Richard’s original Symbocolor, which became Polygoneze, PogoLogos and ultimately KryptoLogos.


Patrons continue to enjoy deciphering the Kryptoz and if you’re one of lucky Kryptologists, Richard might just buy you a coffee!  This is a fantastic opportunity to share KryptoLogos at the local level and it’s stoked lots of fun ideas for ways to share Kryptoz in the future.


Come on, now who’s ready for an orange mocha frappacino?   See ya there!



KryptoLogos- The Future is Now


Dear friends,

We’re starting off this New Year with some very exciting news; PogoLogos is now, KryptoLogos.  With over 100 unique character sets (Krypto Keys) that are no longer limited to polygons, the new branding made perfect sense.  KryptoLogos is also more of a descriptive of what the coded messages actually are, cryptograms.  The look of the site has been completely re-designed so that everything is framed around a center stage.  This will allow maximum function with the added bonus of feeling as though you never leave the Home Page.

In the interim we will set up a temporary site with the new look so that you can stay updated on our progress as well as share your valuable comments and feedback.   Our crowdfunding campaign at www. will assist in developing the new user interface (UI) for creating coded messages, Kryptoz, and synching the site with the Krypto mobile app. Our app development team is currently completing the final iterations to the KryptoLogos app.  As we get closer to launch we’ll be posting more and more updates.

Thanks so much for all of your support.

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Spread Peace and Communication with Pogo Messages

blankwchinapogoNo matter what many of us seem to think, language is not the only way of communication. Sadly, the more I look around today, the more I believe communication is overlooked in an increasingly overpopulated, frantic and confused world. It is enough to look at what is happening in world news: North Korea, Turkey, Egypt. While stemming from deep political and social unrest, these dramatic events all have at their core one sad little reality: people are no longer looking to communicate.

I once read a book whose name escapes me now. It was the story of a butterfly who left the hometown and went to visit many places in the world. On the road, the butterfly met with a bee, a brown butterfly, a fish and a bird. Although the beautiful fragile butterfly can communicate with the bee, the brown butterfly and the fish in the same language, their communication was very short and not really efficient, ending in sheer miscommunication and conflict. But there was still hope for the little butterfly. Although in the beginning, the butterfly and the bird cannot understand each other’s language, but they can communicate well, the relationship with the bird was successfully built on a deeper understanding of values. There are many readings to the story but the underlying idea is that real, efficient communication can be achieved without the use of words. People who shut themselves from the world have long forgotten the meaning of true communication. They are no longer looking for peace and order, because chaos is their favorite place. Continue reading

Fart People from PogoLogos

In China’s Cyberspace, Dissent Speaks Code
Want to escape the censor’s scrutiny? Call the regime a ‘heavenly dynasty.’ Just don’t get ‘happiness-ified’

We created this video as a reaction to this article.

Spread the love and communication,share your Pogos!

Communicate Effectively by Learning How to Say No

No moreWe hear it every day, everywhere we go, both implicitly and explicitly, at work, at home or in the public space. Self-help literature, as well as the media, tries to teach us to use yes more often and embrace the power of positive and affirmative action. Which is great. But what about saying no? There’s no yes in the absence of a no, just like you need black to see the white in something. Seems self-evident, right? But is it?

Can a negation turn into an affirmation? Can something good come out of rejection or refusal? How can we communicate effectively by speaking our mind and not hurting other people’s feelings? Whether in business or in our personal lives, we’re often facing situations when we need to or have to say NO. The way we say it, can often make a huge difference.

And there are many times in life or roles we have to play when we need to find the courage to say no in order to secure a positive outcome later, although at the moment our answer might seem unreasonable or even hostile.

 As a business leader or manager, you need to know how to say no to your employees when circumstances require it, without affecting their commitment to the job or losing their loyalty.

As a parent, there are moments, many of them, when you need to say no to your kid. No, you can’t go out because you need to study for the test. No, you can’t play video games unless you finish your meal… And it’s an art you learn to refine daily, which often requires all your patience and energy. As a teenager, learning to say no is part of growing up and finding who you are. As a young professional, the ability to say no can guide you in your quest to success and fulfillment.

Whatever your role, learning to say no is vital for effective communication.

‘Cause learning to say no is actually about learning to make a choice. And life is all about choices.

The PogoLogos Company aims to rediscover the genuine potential of communication by showing you things from a different angle. The PogoLogos system brings a new perspective on coded communication and encrypted language, allowing you to enhance your social networking skills. To find out more and join the PogoVerse our dedicated pogo messaging communities check us out @

Effective Communication as a Win-Win Negotiation

When we communicate we share and exchange thoughts, ideas and feelings, but at the same time we convey a particular world view or outlook in a personal way. We filter things through our perception, culture and personality. Also, oftentimes not only do we want the other party to understand what we are communicating, but to embrace our perspective on things. In this case we talk about the persuasive dimension of communication. absolutesurfbrdbtrpglgs

When we communicate with others we actually perform an act of negotiation, in which we try to convince them accept our terms. If we communicate effectively and manage to persuade our negotiation partner, we might achieve our goal of determining him/her to agree to our requests.  Continue reading

Come out of the Diving Bell of Language with Imaginative Custom Coded Messages

Iam-PogoLogosA slip of the tongue is annoying. But what about feeling locked-in and not being able to say what you feel or think? Literally, not just metaphorically. The locked-in syndrome leaves patients incapable of moving or speaking due to the paralysis of almost all muscles in the body, except for their eyes.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (1997) is a book written by the French journalist Jean-Dominique Bauby, but not with a pen or on the computer, not even by dictation. Bauby, who suffered from locked-in syndrome after a stroke that left him completely paralyzed, wrote his memoir by blinking his left eyelid, the only one functional. He died a few days after his book was published. And in 2007 it was turned into a movie.

It’s a story about communication and its role in our life, about finding meaning and purpose in spite of adversity and limitations. It’s a story about the limits of language and about how communication is shaped by limitations, physical or other. For the narrator and character in the book, writing with his eyelid becomes a life goal, and communication becomes an act that legitimates his existence. Continue reading